Hairbraids UK Account F.A.Q.

I can't log into my account.

Try resetting your password by clicking the' Forgotten Password' link. If you still can't get in, then please contact me for assistance.

Where can I see my previous orders?

You will need an account with us to view your previous orders. In your 'My Account' page there is an option 'View Order History' option.

Here you can view previous orders, plus any returns made.

How can I change/reset my password?

If you are unable to log in, clicking the 'Forgotten password' link on the login page will allow you to reset your password.

If you simply want to change your existing password, then enter 'My Account' and click on the 'Password' or 'Change your Password' links.

How do I change my address details?

On the 'My Account' page to 'Modify Address book entries'.

Clicking here will allow you to add an address or modify an existing one.

There is also a link to 'Address' book, which will take you through to the same options.

If you have more questions then please contact me.