Ethical Policy

After discovering that the feather trade often uses practices...

....such as live-plucking of birds, we will no longer use commercial feathers. Although crafting feathers are not generally obtained through this barbaric practice, the majority are still a result of inhumanely kept birds in the battery-farm industry, which I can not support.
We have made the decision to only use ETHICAL FEATHERS in all products that we sell, locally sourced where possible..
These include moulted found feathers, moulted feathers from local poultry and game keepers, and feathers from free-range chickens etc. (only when we can personally verify the conditions the birds are kept, and whose feathers are a by-product that would otherwise be discarded).
I know where each and every feather we source has come from, and can provide these details as requested..
We also meticulously cleanse, prepare and dye the feathers ourselves. That way, we are involved in every part of the process, so our customers can be sure that the feathers are 100% ethically obtained.
If you have any further queries about our policies or processes, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Packaging and Hair Braids.

Hairbraids UK now use only recyclable, biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials where possible. Our 'plastic' bags are made from corn starch and are fully biodegradable, yet amazingly strong.

Our outer packaging is again recyclable, biodegradable and made from recycled materials where possible. Inner tags and paper are also made from recycled card.

We are also in the process of reprinting our hair wrap instruction cards on matt card, rather than gloss, as this will allow these to also be recycled.

In the near future we will also be replacing the plastic beads that we use, with a more sustainable alternative.