Hairbraids U.K. Product F.A.Q.

How do I decide what length Hair Braid I need?

To decide on the length you want your hair braid, first decide where you want it in your hair. Most people choose to place their hair braids either at the top of their head or behind their ear.
Measure your hair in inches, then minus one inch to find your best length. Please remember curly hair will spring shorter than straight hair.
Please make sure you have measured your hair in INCHES (not cm).
Contact me if you require further assistance with measuring.
My Hair Braids are sold in length brackets or 10-11 inches, 12-13 inches etc. That does not take into account the length of the tassel.
The thickness of each Wrap can vary ever so slightly, but in general, they a little thinner than a pencil.

How do I attach them?

Recommended - LOOP - with a small loop at the top, so they attach easily into a small hair-plait. You will receive detailed instructions and braiding bands to put your hair wrap in your hair. I have also recorded a  video that shows you how to easily attach the wraps - HERE
WEFT CLIP - This method is not as secure as attaching with the loop, but some people do prefer it. If you would rather have your hair braid attached to a Weft-Clip, please choose this from the drop down menu. Weft clips snap open and shut, so are a really easy way to attach the braid to your hair.

Tell me more about beads and threads.

Please be aware the colour of your braid may look different to what is displayed on your monitor, as devices display colours differently.
Colours of beads may vary, depending on what I have in stock, but I match as precisely as possible.

Hair braids can be washed with the hair, but please be aware that metal beads may tarnish, wooden beads may fade, and the glass beads that have a ‘mottled’ finish may deteriorate over time. Therefore, I recommend you remove wraps with these beads prior to washing.
If you would like to alter the beads from the image shown, please leave a note when you checkout.

How do I care for my Hair braid?

An unwashed Hair braid will last for years, a regularly washed Hair braid will last for months. Therefore, for maximum lifespan, please remove before washing hair.
Metal, wooden and mottled-glass beads may deteriorate over time. Therefore, I recommend you remove wraps with these beads prior to washing.

Please do not shower, swim, sleep or be active with your Feathers or charms attached to your Hair Wrap.
Hair braids without charms can be tied back with a LOOSE hair band when being active.
When not in use, please make sure your hair braid is thouroughly dry before storage and store in a breathable bag to allow air circulation.

How long do removable Hair braids last?

A good re-usable hair braid will last for up to 6 months. In this time, it can be plaited into and out of the hair as many times as you like, or you can just leave it in the hair for up to 2 weeks at a time (as the hair grows, it will grow away from the top of the head, so will need repositioning every 2 weeks - more or less frequently if the hair grows faster/slower.

How long do they take to plait into the hair?

Approximately 2 minutes from start to finish. It all really depends how fast you can plait. Remember that you don't need to do a long plait - just a couple of inches, enough to secure the braiding band on, would be enough.

Do they have to have beads on the end?

Not at all, if you would rather not have any beads, simply select 'No beads' in the product options.

Do they hurt?

No. They feel similar to wearing a hair bobble.

How do I take them out?

They are really simple to remove - just un-plait the hair they are attached to, and slide off.

Are they bad for my hair?

No. Whereas traditional Hair raids (where the cotton is wrapped around the hair) can damage fine/thin hair, the plait-in braids are much more gentle. Even more so when compared to lower quality Glue-In and Crimp-In wraps which can ruin hair and often need to be cut out.

Will I receive the exact item shown?

I do my best to recreate the original picture but you won't receive the exact same braid or charm as in the photograph.
The nature of hand-made products is that there will always be tiny variations, although I strive to keep these to an absolute minimum.
I aim to copy the pattern exactly of the Hair braid photographed, and I keep a detailed inventory of the DMC colour numbers I have used in each and every Hair braid, so I can make the braid as precisely as possible.
Very occasionally, my embroidery cotton, or specific beads are out of stock. In this instance, I will message you first to check any colour or bead substitution is acceptable.
I try and match feathers as closely to the listing picture as possible also.

How long will it take for you to make my order?

Processing times are normally 1 to 3 business days (Mondays to Fridays).

However this can increase to 3 to 5 business days at busy times.


If it is likely that your order will take longer than this, then I will contact you to make sure you still wish to proceed with the order.

Processing time does not include shipping time. For a list of shipping times, please see my Delivery FAQ.

If you have more questions then please contact me.